Some of My Thoughts on Music in General


I love how music allows us to express ourselves.

I created my music site to share my love and expression of my music, in the hopes that it just might make you happy or sad or upset or reflective on matters that you can connect to in your own life experiences.

I wanted to shift your consciousness, if only for a moment, away from the central position of a dead pendulum clock.

I wanted to move you in some way, any way at all!

I created this music site to be visited by all people who enjoy music and its creation.  I have attempted to keep it a friendly and safe site.

But not all songs are about “A White Christmas” nor should they ever be.

Music is a wonderful conduit which allows us to express our personal feelings, observations, our hopes, our dreams and yes our despair about all things in this world, past, present and future.

We can not nor should we ever limit our expression on any one of these topics.
To do so would be very uncreative to say the least.

The real world is not a “White Christmas” on most days in any year on any calendar to all people around the world.

The real world is not composed of just friendly and safe things.
The real world is composed of the good, the bad and yes the ugly.

We want to protect our loved ones from the last two but one can only do that by educating them to the facts of those situations.

To intentionally isolate anyone from the realities of the whole world is nothing short of denying them the reality of the real world and that is not educating anyone.

You do no service to one you safely lock up in a box to protect them, solely for your own peace of mind.

I love music and I love open honest expression in music, coupled with critical thinking.

Re reading that last line has just enlightened me to yet another reason why I so dearly have always loved the magical mystery tour that the Beatles music has left us all.


There are some forms of music that I do not enjoy nor do I find much value in them.
But I will listen first and then make my critical judgement about their content.

There are some lyrics that I might find very repulsive or very graphic or very violent and I may not enjoy them or find much value in their content.
But I will listen first and then make my critical judgement about their content.

Listen critically to all music and all of its content and judge it as you will.

As for the chord structure to any song:

There are indeed thousands of chords one can use to create a song.
It is a little amusing that millions upon millions of songs can be created with just the 5 simple, C, D, G, Am or Em chords. But then, that's rock and roll, well, sort of.
As I said, there are thousands of other chords as well.

As for the lyrics of any song:

Who, sang what?
What are the lyrics trying to express?
What do the lyrics express to me and can I relate to them?
Where are the events expressed in that song taking place?
When did this happen?
Why did this happen and what is to follow?

As a side note, a neighbor musician and his wife and I created the lyrics to a song we called W5 which is based upon this very idea to my mind. WHO, what, where, when and why.

Often the intent of a song is either overlooked or too vague to allow us to sense and to feel its intent and then the meaning is lost. It is up to the artist to get their meaning across to us in a most powerful way.

There are some songs that convey a topic that is not always appropriate to all ages. Therefore I am not suggesting that we ever allow our children to just listen to anything without parental supervision first.

But what I am saying is that children and adults I might add, all have to eventually grow up and survive in the REAL WORLD and thus, critical thinking has to be instilled along the way.

Without the ability to think critically, one is left with an “either all or nothing goes” attitude.  That benefits no one at all. Listen critically to all music and all of its content and judge it as you will.