MYSTI Music   ( a member of SOCAN )

                                                             My name is Mysti Rae Meadows and I welcome  you to my music website. 
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I am a musician and this 
page is about my music.

I sing and I write my own songs.
I play the drums, guitar and bass.
I "monkey" around a bit on my keyboard
but I am not really a keyboard player,
just some fills.  
Here I will introduce to you, that side of me that just loves to create original songs.
I will display a biography, some pictures of myself and some of my musician friends.
I will post some music videos of some of
      my original songs. 

I will show you my home recording studio and I will include some sound clips of some of my original songs. 

If time permits, I will set up times and places where I just might  be playing next.                                      
I have many hobbies and music is just one of them.

It is here, on my website that I want to share with you, my love for creating music.


                                                I POLITELY ASK ALL NEW  VISITORS TO MY SITE TO PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK.